Read a few of these everyday. Meditate deeply on them.
Imprint your mind with their meaning and value. Print them out for easy access.


I Manifest Joy and Peace In My Life.
I Benefit the Universe With My Work.
I Love My Work, and Work With Love.
Positive People and Wonderful Events Enrich My Life.
My Life Resonates With Abundance & Fulfillment.

Connecting To The Source

I Devote Time Everyday To Being One
With God in Undivided Attention.
I Draw Positive Energy From This Connection Throughout the Day.
We Enjoy Each Other's Company.

Enjoying The Path

I Am Truly On The Path Of Spiritual Evolution.
I Love Who I Am and What I Do.
I Relax & Appreciate the Moment.
I Smell the Flowers & Enjoy My Journey!

Giving & Receiving

I Nurture Others & Allow Myself To Be Nurtured.
I Acknowledge The Friendliness of the Universe
and Give and Receive Graciously Without Ego.
I Am Thankful for What I Have Received and What I Have To Offer.


I Embrace Humility As I Acknowledge The Grandeur of the Universe
And The Majesty of The Universe Creator.
I Remain Open To All Messages That Help Me On My Path.
I Act With Kindness.


I Inspire & Motivate All Those Around Me.
I Am Compassionate, Encouraging And Non-Judgmental.
I Help People To Realize A Higher Image Of Themselves. 
I Connect To Their Divine Presence.

The True Self

Deep within I am a brilliant spiritual being.
I show the external world the true person inside.
My actions reflect the love,
beauty and goodness in my soul.

Well Being

I Am Fine!
I Am Happy!
All Is Well!
Here! Now! And Always!


I Am One. I Am Whole.
Calm, Centered and Stable.
I Embrace the Connection Between Me, The Earth and The Universe.
I Acknowledge My Role In The Universal Plan
and Have Total Faith In Its Outworking.


I Reject Fear In All Its Illusions. I Reject Shame and Guilt.
I Embrace Love, Beauty and Truth.
I Am Secure In the Unconditional Love
and All Goodness of the Universe Intelligence.
I Relax Knowing the Universe is Friendly.