Connecting - 1st Circle

Relax. Smile.

No matter how busy you are,
it is worth taking a little time to be with the Creator.
Settle yourself into the gravity of love.

First, bring into your awareness the circle above.
It symbolizes the Source of All Creation.
This is Beingness--Oneness with God.

Allow this to symbolize the origin and destiny of everything:
where we come from, to where we're going.
The circle is but a symbol,
but the actuality of the Source is a reality
in the HERE, NOW and FOREVER.

Like a flower opening its petals to the rays of the sun,
relax and open your mind and soul to the unconditional love
from this Source of All Reality.

Forget about the problems in your daily life.
They are but trifles in the cosmic scheme.

Be still in quiet receptivity.
All is well.
Go deeply and quietly into this conscious stillness.
Allow the love to gently attract you
toward the center of your Being.

When you have truly connected to this Source,
you will know, for you will become one with Love.
You will feel this Love radiate throughout your
body, mind and soul.

It is a feeling unmatched by any other.
Soak in this Love that flows to you from the Source.
Maintain this oneness in total relaxation.
When you catch your mind wandering,
gently bring it back to the Source.